Saturday, 6 August 2011

Of Flowers and Fragrances

Today at Jitters & Smiles we're gonna look at a certain racial group and its wedding traditions.

Ever heard of Bunga Rampai? They are fragrant shreddings of pandan leaves and flowers that are sometimes scattered over the bride's hands signifying a blessing. Bunga Rampai, of course, comes in many forms depending on the part of the Malay Archipelago you or your family hails from. The recipe differs from the Malays to the Indonesians. Bunga Rampai are usually homemade by the bride's family and given away in unique holders as a fragrant token to close family members.

At Jitters & Smiles, we accept orders for Bunga Rampai and its holders or containers. 

Here's a sneak peek of one of the holders that the team at Jitters & Smiles are currently busy with! =)

 Hope you guys like it! We customise our designs in accordance to your request and/or the theme and colour of your wedding~


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