Friday, 8 July 2011

Of Dream Dresses & Vera Wangs

Regardless of traditional, modern, contemporary, sexy, sweet, chic and stylish, each and every bride to be have a dream wedding dress..

Today at J&S we're gonna put aside talking about all those decorations and dwell/dream/drool over those gorgeous dresses.

Be it a Vera Wang or a Vivienne Westwood or even custom made by your local tailors, it really doesn't matter. What matters is that you should wear whatever you want on your wedding day. This year's most talked about wedding dress would be the one Kate Middleton wore on her wedding, designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Alexander McQueen's designs have been nothing but regal over the years and Kate Middleton's dress was befitting of a Queen-to-be. Traditional, Minimalistic and yet powerfully beautiful!

How could you find fault with that? And Pippa's dress was the talk of the wedding too (No doubt she actually looked smoking hot in that).

However, not everyone fancies this modest design above. Some prefer a bold colour while others prefer pastel. However, the one thing that most brides often go for are either strapless gowns, sleeveless or help up by gorgeous spaghetti straps such as these below...

Therefore, pre-wedding weight gain are nothing but a bride's worst nightmare. As a result most brides scutters  to their local gym to train up to looking perfect on their big day. However, not everyone has the financial luxury or even the time for personal training. For those of you with that problem. DO NOT DESPAIR! Here's a tip for all you bride-to-be out there!

Whenever you get the time, stand with feet shoulder-width apart, arms straight out in front and holding two bottles of water underneath, slowly lift alternate arms to shoulders and down again, repeating ten times on each arm. You can also hold the weights next to your thighs and lift to a horizontal line, making sure to keep elbows tight to the waist, and slow release. Remember: Sets of 10! Repeat the steps for 20mins with breaks in between! =)

I know quotation below will be going against all self-loving therapy you've been putting yourself through all these years. But somehow, when it comes to weddings, all these are thrown out the window! =D So i guess, this is a special exception that everyone will understand! =) So good luck!


"You do not alter Vera to fit you, You alter yourself to fit Vera - Bride Wars"