Sunday, 8 September 2013

Project AGC.

We apologize for this undesirably long hiatus from our blogging. First of all, let us update all you readers out there with Project AGC.

Project AGC was actually one of our client's solemnization. AGC stands for Autumn Green Concept. We took the rustic approach with oranges, greens and yellows for her solemnization. Since it was held at Masjid Sultan, there is really nothing much we could do with decorations. Therefore, we we just provided the cushions, some side flowers as decor. apart from that, her Bridal bouquet and gift trays were done by us. The entirety of it!! This is where we officially launched our scroll cake creation and bird nest favours!! :) Both of which have become our trademark here at Jitters & Smiles :)

So sit back, relax and enjoy!

First up, the fruits basket... 

These are our handmade favours, in this particular one we included bunga rampai as per our clients request. Yup, the bunga rampais are also made in house by the team of Jitters & Smiles! :)

Since we decided to go rustic for the solemnization concept, we also did not forget to tie in the traditional concept of the big day! therefore, we used this miniature traditional coal iron as a ring bearer! :)

This is our sireh dara.. 

Garretts popcorns as one of the trays! :) 

Jacket & Shoes... 

OUR SCROLL CAKE! This is a much talked about cake. We designed this in-house specially for Halimah, who is also the client as well as a member of the team of J&S. This is a well-received design as we have had other requests for it as well!! :)

A close up of the scroll! 

 The Baju melayu, samping and chapal arranged as roses and fan! :)

And the last tray, Watch & Wallet.

Let us end this post with our Bridal Bouquet!! :) We're in love with the vibrant colours of the hydrangeas and the yellow button mums. We're also really pleased to hear positive feedback about the bouquet and more importantly, the bride loved it to bits! 

All photos are taken by Zaki Razali Photography
Location: Masjid Sultan, Singapore
Bridal Wear & Make Up: Versari Ade

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