Friday, 13 September 2013

The chaos of Post-weddings

As a bride, many tend to forget to do up a plan for post-weddings. When I'm talking about post weddings, I'm referring to the moment immediately after the wedding. The BUMP OUT.

When I first started wedding planning, i overlooked the bit about post-weddings. Not the bumping out of the caterers, decorations and vacating the venue; but the bride's needs of post weddings.

I know most of you may not have a wedding planner to take care of this for you, therefore here's a couple of things that you may overlook.

1. Post wedding plans
We're talking about the plans after the reception ends. There are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself or any of your wedding planner will need to ask you. Are you going to have a small gathering somewhere with your siblings and new family? Just a tea and desserts session? Or are you going to have a big night out with your wedding party after the reception? These arrangements have to be made prior to the wedding so that transition will be as smooth as silk (at least, us wedding planners could always hope its as smooth as silk! :)) or as smooth as any event could turn out to be!

2. Overnight bag. 
If your wedding is in a hotel, more than often you would need an overnight bag (that is if you're not leaving for your honeymoon immediately after the wedding). During the day of the wedding, it is best if your planner OR maid of honour to arrange for your bag to be sent over to your room during or after the reception. The bridal room is always the busiest before the reception with camera men, make up artists, hair stylists, the wedding party getting ready; therefore your bag might just be in the way! unless you have a safe place to store it away, its best to arrange for someone to remember this for you since as a bride, you're gonna be busy anyway!

3. Gifts and/or other valuables.
Your guestbook. wedding gifts, some other personal stuff you've used as part of the decoration. These have to be collected and sent to your room/house. Truthfully, it is not something that a bride should worry about DURING her day as she is whisked away in the festivities. Again, I strongly advise for you to pre-arrange someone to be in-charge of settling all these stuff! :)

4. Gifts for the wedding party
Your bridal party are usually made up of your girlfriends who have entertained you needs, followed you for fittings and tastings, endured your bridezilla moments, and even smiles in exasperation as you change the colour of the bridesmaid dress for the umpteenth time. Therefore, most brides often get a token of appreciation for their entire bridal party. Again, this is optional. Totally up to the bride's discretion if she would want to go ahead with the idea! :)

That's all for now folks! Hope this really short list helps! =)

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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Project AGC.

We apologize for this undesirably long hiatus from our blogging. First of all, let us update all you readers out there with Project AGC.

Project AGC was actually one of our client's solemnization. AGC stands for Autumn Green Concept. We took the rustic approach with oranges, greens and yellows for her solemnization. Since it was held at Masjid Sultan, there is really nothing much we could do with decorations. Therefore, we we just provided the cushions, some side flowers as decor. apart from that, her Bridal bouquet and gift trays were done by us. The entirety of it!! This is where we officially launched our scroll cake creation and bird nest favours!! :) Both of which have become our trademark here at Jitters & Smiles :)

So sit back, relax and enjoy!

First up, the fruits basket... 

These are our handmade favours, in this particular one we included bunga rampai as per our clients request. Yup, the bunga rampais are also made in house by the team of Jitters & Smiles! :)

Since we decided to go rustic for the solemnization concept, we also did not forget to tie in the traditional concept of the big day! therefore, we used this miniature traditional coal iron as a ring bearer! :)

This is our sireh dara.. 

Garretts popcorns as one of the trays! :) 

Jacket & Shoes... 

OUR SCROLL CAKE! This is a much talked about cake. We designed this in-house specially for Halimah, who is also the client as well as a member of the team of J&S. This is a well-received design as we have had other requests for it as well!! :)

A close up of the scroll! 

 The Baju melayu, samping and chapal arranged as roses and fan! :)

And the last tray, Watch & Wallet.

Let us end this post with our Bridal Bouquet!! :) We're in love with the vibrant colours of the hydrangeas and the yellow button mums. We're also really pleased to hear positive feedback about the bouquet and more importantly, the bride loved it to bits! 

All photos are taken by Zaki Razali Photography
Location: Masjid Sultan, Singapore
Bridal Wear & Make Up: Versari Ade

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Friday, 9 November 2012

Project AGC Sneak Peak 1!

Once, we blogged about the fact that we had a wedding favour inspiration? Well! THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT WE FINALLY TRIED IT OUT!

And it turned out much much better than what we had imagined! 

so here's a pic of it! 

This creation will also be included in our list of DIY wedding favours, exclusively from Jitters & Smiles!

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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Of Well wishes and signatures~

We had a guest book table booking last sunday, 22nd April 2012!

We also have a video of the full decor here: Garden Themed Guest book table

Hopefully you guys like it as much as we did! 

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Orchids galore

When J&S started their blog, their first entry was titled Project AGC. Project AGC have been moving along especially when since its suppose to take effect some time in December this year! So prior to Project AGC, we will definitely have the Project AGC jr. AKA engagement ceremony.

Its a simple affair and a gathering of the closest family members and friends. and we are embarrassed to confess that this is an extremely overdue post!

So we'll just go ahead and show you what J&S did for this ceremony! We picked really vibrant colours this time round for the gift exchange decors!

and finally, our bunga rampai! we really do like the outcome of it! bright purple and yellow = happy colours! 

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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

From Bud to Blossom

What a better way to complement those drop dead gorgeous bridal outfits than a hand bouquet while you walk down the aisle.

In recent years, bridal hand bouquets have revolutionize. From those classic red roses to a more modern one. We at Jitters and Smiles promise to deliver according to your preference. Afterall, we only provide the best for our customers. =)

Do check out our previous entry for a better look at our contemporary bridal bouquet.

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Pictures taken from Google.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


It is a norm for a wedding reception to occur after the solemnization. Therefore this is J&S's Nov 12th. Its filled with anticipation, joy and laughter.

What better way for us to start an entry than showing the happy couple. So here's the couple that's finally together forever till death do they part! =D (God's willing. Amen.)

There were many firsts that occurred on the 12th of November and it was not exclusive to the married couple. For the first time ever, Jitters & Smiles accepted the task to do the wedding cake for the ceremony. Its a simple and elegant cake that we at Jitters & Smiles are really proud off! And we have received positive feedback from guests that it tasted exceptionally good! (That really gave us a confidence boost and we're definitely looking forward to future orders!!)

As similar to every wedding, its all about the details. so first up, we'll show you the first creation by J&S that has created the initial buzz the morning of the reception. The Hand Bouquet of course! Its arranged and decorated in-house by a member of J&S and we are happy with the elegant and contemporary outcome of the bouquet and we're really proud to say its ours! =DD It not only captures the character of the bride but it also managed to showcase what Jitters & Smiles is about.

The next important thing in any wedding reception is the dais or stage where the couple will take photos with their guests! As you could see from the bouquet and the cushions in the pictures above, the colour theme for the wedding reception is Magenta and white/creme. As the ceremony took place at the bride's home, the dais was located inside the house.

The backdrop of the dais isn't done by us. Its provided by Hana Zakaria Wedding Planners together with the seat, fan, glass pillars and stage. So what did Jitters & Smiles do? You may wonder... Well, here it is.. the floral choices, decorations and arrangements as well as the magenta cushions that were made as per the bride's request.

Now, let's proceed outside! The ribbon chandeliers from the night before were still included as part of the decoration.

There was a transformation of course. The Candy Buffet table from the previous night's solemnization was completely transformed in the early hours of the morning into the guest book table.

Finally, the 28 table centrepieces that was cute and fun was also made by us for the reception. 

Hope you guys like it!

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Location: Melaka, Malaysia
Official Photographers: Mohd Ming & Faiz Ghazali
Wedding Dais & Tent: Hana Zakaria Wedding Planner
Decorations and Hand Bouquet: Jitters & Smiles
Bridalwear: Rumah Kebaya Malaysia