Saturday, 28 May 2011

Curtain Falls

Who would trust a team that hasn't been introduced? So let us take that step to extend a hand of handshake and a wave of hello!

We have entered this world of wedding planning on a freelance basis as we're new and the diversity in career paths will lead to a more dynamic and funky outlook on life; a definite advantage in this industry! A team made up of ex- freelance theatre practitioners and set designers, lighting consultant, fashionistas, marketing executives with a tinge of serious legality; will definitely have something exciting to plate up in accordance to your request!

The Team of J&S are made up of 4 close knit individuals. We're so close; people think we're related! Haha! We're funny, we're fun, we're lovable, we're easygoing but most importantly? We take our craft seriously!!! <- That's a definite assurance for all of you out there who's still contemplating, we're the real deal! =P

So welcome and enter the world of Jitters & Smiles and hopefully, you'll bring us and our services along on your journey through the Jitters and Smiles of a bride-to-be till your actual day!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Project AGC

We'll be embarking on something new and major for our portfolio that will take place sometime in June 2012 and planning has already begun!

AGC stands for Arabian inspired with Greek colours. (AGC is also an easy acronym to remember within the team at Jitters & Smiles)

Let us invite you to take a little peek on the brainstorming board in accordance to the request of our client!

We're currently quite happy with the ideas that have been flowing in for this particular project! So stay tuned for more! =D

Lotsa Love,
From the rest of the Team!