Wednesday, 21 December 2011

From Bud to Blossom

What a better way to complement those drop dead gorgeous bridal outfits than a hand bouquet while you walk down the aisle.

In recent years, bridal hand bouquets have revolutionize. From those classic red roses to a more modern one. We at Jitters and Smiles promise to deliver according to your preference. Afterall, we only provide the best for our customers. =)

Do check out our previous entry for a better look at our contemporary bridal bouquet.

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Pictures taken from Google.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


It is a norm for a wedding reception to occur after the solemnization. Therefore this is J&S's Nov 12th. Its filled with anticipation, joy and laughter.

What better way for us to start an entry than showing the happy couple. So here's the couple that's finally together forever till death do they part! =D (God's willing. Amen.)

There were many firsts that occurred on the 12th of November and it was not exclusive to the married couple. For the first time ever, Jitters & Smiles accepted the task to do the wedding cake for the ceremony. Its a simple and elegant cake that we at Jitters & Smiles are really proud off! And we have received positive feedback from guests that it tasted exceptionally good! (That really gave us a confidence boost and we're definitely looking forward to future orders!!)

As similar to every wedding, its all about the details. so first up, we'll show you the first creation by J&S that has created the initial buzz the morning of the reception. The Hand Bouquet of course! Its arranged and decorated in-house by a member of J&S and we are happy with the elegant and contemporary outcome of the bouquet and we're really proud to say its ours! =DD It not only captures the character of the bride but it also managed to showcase what Jitters & Smiles is about.

The next important thing in any wedding reception is the dais or stage where the couple will take photos with their guests! As you could see from the bouquet and the cushions in the pictures above, the colour theme for the wedding reception is Magenta and white/creme. As the ceremony took place at the bride's home, the dais was located inside the house.

The backdrop of the dais isn't done by us. Its provided by Hana Zakaria Wedding Planners together with the seat, fan, glass pillars and stage. So what did Jitters & Smiles do? You may wonder... Well, here it is.. the floral choices, decorations and arrangements as well as the magenta cushions that were made as per the bride's request.

Now, let's proceed outside! The ribbon chandeliers from the night before were still included as part of the decoration.

There was a transformation of course. The Candy Buffet table from the previous night's solemnization was completely transformed in the early hours of the morning into the guest book table.

Finally, the 28 table centrepieces that was cute and fun was also made by us for the reception. 

Hope you guys like it!

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Location: Melaka, Malaysia
Official Photographers: Mohd Ming & Faiz Ghazali
Wedding Dais & Tent: Hana Zakaria Wedding Planner
Decorations and Hand Bouquet: Jitters & Smiles
Bridalwear: Rumah Kebaya Malaysia

Monday, 12 December 2011

Meh Meh.

Baa baa black sheep
Have you any wool?
Yes sir yes sir, 3 bags full!

The other day we were talking about cupcakes.

This is random but we're just gonna show you one cupcake design that a team member at Jitters & Smiles is trying to perfect!

Its lemon vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting! Turns out rather yummilicious!

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Saturday, 10 December 2011


We apologize for this overdued post but the Official Photographer just released the rest of Nov' 11th pictures. So finally, here we are uploading it up for our special edition.

Everyone has a milestone in their life and 11.11.11 was a special day to the Jitters & Smiles family as someone really close to the team has finally stepped away from singlehood into another stage of their life. This event was carefully thought out both by the Bride & Groom as well as the team of J&S. A memorable moment in one's life have to encapsulate the essence of these 2 amazing individuals that have decided to join in matrimony.

Below is a picture of the Bride & Groom right at the front with their bridesmaids and best men after the solemnization ceremony. The family of the bride were in silvery grey the night of the solemnization while the family of the groom were in pastel orange. The Bride and Groom as you could see were in pastel lime green. The soft colours collaboration accentuate the romantic atmosphere of the entire event! =)

We also would like to apologize as there were no close-up photos of the gift exchange trays as the team were so busy that night, we neglected to take pictures of the individuals trays. But nevertheless, we're undoubtedly proud of the 16trays (for both sides, including the sirehs and the mini cakes that we've made for the bride side in magenta and white!) that we have come up with! =) 

The ribbon chandeliers that were part of the decorations were all handmade! =)


We were also really happy with the outcome of the solemnization dais! Hope you guys liked it too! =)

In any event, lighting is an essential factor in creating the ambiance required. Infusing romantic textures was a definite necessity for this super important day! Therefore, candles came out to play! The team at J&S are also really happy at how these handmade lanterns turned out! It created the perfect romantic and fun touch that we want to achieve...

The Candy Buffet was a definite hit! (Psstt.. we also have a secret to tell you! We'll be experimenting with more themes for our Candy Buffet and will upload it for your viewing pleasure as well as part of our portfolio!)

and yes, we definitely pay attention to every little minute details. =) Coz there are instances where details play a huge role in changing the outcome of a product!

Remember the Bunga Rampai casing that our team were working on few months back? Well, here they are showcasing themselves on the actually day! aren't they just the little beauties we promised them to be? =D

We have come to the end of our eventful triple 11!!

Hope you guys like what you've seen!

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Location: Melaka, Malaysia
Official Photographer: Sam Rais Photograpy
Deco, Hantaran & Bunga Rampai: Jitters & Smiles
Bridalwear: Rizman Ruzaini