Saturday, 28 May 2011

Curtain Falls

Who would trust a team that hasn't been introduced? So let us take that step to extend a hand of handshake and a wave of hello!

We have entered this world of wedding planning on a freelance basis as we're new and the diversity in career paths will lead to a more dynamic and funky outlook on life; a definite advantage in this industry! A team made up of ex- freelance theatre practitioners and set designers, lighting consultant, fashionistas, marketing executives with a tinge of serious legality; will definitely have something exciting to plate up in accordance to your request!

The Team of J&S are made up of 4 close knit individuals. We're so close; people think we're related! Haha! We're funny, we're fun, we're lovable, we're easygoing but most importantly? We take our craft seriously!!! <- That's a definite assurance for all of you out there who's still contemplating, we're the real deal! =P

So welcome and enter the world of Jitters & Smiles and hopefully, you'll bring us and our services along on your journey through the Jitters and Smiles of a bride-to-be till your actual day!

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