Friday, 13 September 2013

The chaos of Post-weddings

As a bride, many tend to forget to do up a plan for post-weddings. When I'm talking about post weddings, I'm referring to the moment immediately after the wedding. The BUMP OUT.

When I first started wedding planning, i overlooked the bit about post-weddings. Not the bumping out of the caterers, decorations and vacating the venue; but the bride's needs of post weddings.

I know most of you may not have a wedding planner to take care of this for you, therefore here's a couple of things that you may overlook.

1. Post wedding plans
We're talking about the plans after the reception ends. There are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself or any of your wedding planner will need to ask you. Are you going to have a small gathering somewhere with your siblings and new family? Just a tea and desserts session? Or are you going to have a big night out with your wedding party after the reception? These arrangements have to be made prior to the wedding so that transition will be as smooth as silk (at least, us wedding planners could always hope its as smooth as silk! :)) or as smooth as any event could turn out to be!

2. Overnight bag. 
If your wedding is in a hotel, more than often you would need an overnight bag (that is if you're not leaving for your honeymoon immediately after the wedding). During the day of the wedding, it is best if your planner OR maid of honour to arrange for your bag to be sent over to your room during or after the reception. The bridal room is always the busiest before the reception with camera men, make up artists, hair stylists, the wedding party getting ready; therefore your bag might just be in the way! unless you have a safe place to store it away, its best to arrange for someone to remember this for you since as a bride, you're gonna be busy anyway!

3. Gifts and/or other valuables.
Your guestbook. wedding gifts, some other personal stuff you've used as part of the decoration. These have to be collected and sent to your room/house. Truthfully, it is not something that a bride should worry about DURING her day as she is whisked away in the festivities. Again, I strongly advise for you to pre-arrange someone to be in-charge of settling all these stuff! :)

4. Gifts for the wedding party
Your bridal party are usually made up of your girlfriends who have entertained you needs, followed you for fittings and tastings, endured your bridezilla moments, and even smiles in exasperation as you change the colour of the bridesmaid dress for the umpteenth time. Therefore, most brides often get a token of appreciation for their entire bridal party. Again, this is optional. Totally up to the bride's discretion if she would want to go ahead with the idea! :)

That's all for now folks! Hope this really short list helps! =)

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